For the first time.. the NYPD celebrates its Arabs at the headquarter

For the first time.. the NYPD celebrates its Arabs at thNew York – Soraya Chaalal

The Alpha Association (which includes Arab police officers in New York City) organized for the first time a celebration under the slogan Arab Police Heritage Day at the headquarter of the NYPD.
The ceremony was attended by police officers and members from various Arab countries from the New York City Police family, during which various Arabic dances were performed with music that entertained the attendees and brought back their memories of their Arab homelands.
In this context, Murad Al-Qadi, a Yemeni of American origins who works as a researcher with the New York Police Department and a member of Alpha Society, said that the Arabic dances and foods that were presented during the ceremony were able to introduce the different Arab cultures amidst the momentum of human diversity in the ranks of the city’s police, which brings together various nationalities of the world.
Although the ceremony was for Arab police, it witnessed the presence of various nationalities who contributed to its success, such as Ahmed from Bangladesh, who helped decorate the hall and accompany the attendees in purchasing the food and sweets on display, which reflects the community spirit among members of the New York City Police family.
The attendees gave various speeches about the role of the Arab policeman in the New York Police Department, and about the success that Arabs have achieved in this field.
During the ceremony, New York Police Inspector General Jamil Al-Tahiri, a Yemeni-American, bid farewell to his colleagues after twenty years of service, announcing his retirement and his move to the American state of Michigan


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