MTA automated ticketing services at several New York train stations are not operating. We put this in the hands of the Mayor of New York. Citizens are harmed every day because of this seemingly intentional negligence


New York – Rashad Alkhader – Homeland News

It is very unfortunate to see that many train station ticket machine services in major cities in the world, New York, are not working and there is no ongoing maintenance service for these machines.

Many of these train stations Machines out of service
Many of these train stations Machines out of service

The citizen suffers this suffering every day when he comes and needs a weekly or monthly ticket to use on trains and buses, especially in places like New York City, the first economic state in the United States and in the world.

Every day, citizens in New York City encounter the face of the world. At most train stations, ticket dispensing machines are out of service as a result of negligence that may be intentional or unintentional.

We place this matter in the hands of New York City officials, in particular the Mayor of New York, Mr Eric Adams

The citizen needs weekly and monthly tickets from the machinery X-Press Limited is weekly or monthly

service, which has been operating for years
Not every wealthy citizen has the ability to use a bank or card while riding trains or buses

Not all New Yorkers have cars
Most citizens and employees use trains and buses, which is not a shame
Indeed, this neglect and negligence in serving citizens occurs in the city

Very high hopes from New York City professionals and the Mayor of New York
Paying attention and directing the repair and maintenance of these machines to serve the citizens of New York City and benefit everyone.

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